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Choosing the best vape mods is a difficult job. So many are excellent in one way or another, so I broke this top 10 list down according to best looking, best price, and most innovative devices on the market. Be assured they are all highly functional choices.

The Top 10 Vape Mods And Their Respective Strengths

1. Most Affordable Vape Mod, Eleaf iStick Pico

The iStick line gets a makeover with this mini mod featuring a removable battery and up to 75 watts. The Pico is sold in several colors and is frequently sold as a pair with the Melo 3. This small mod provides three types of vape settings: Variable Watts, Variable Temperature, and Bypass mode.

Select the TCR mode to be completely accurate about settings. You can recharge via USB, but taking the battery out is faster, especially if there’s another one standing by ready to replace it.



2. Most Beautiful, Lost Vape Efusion Mini DNA 200, Limited Edition

The Efusion Mini is absolutely stunning. Lost Vape finishes the box in New Zealand abalone which glistens and seems to change color as you tilt it under the light. With an Evolv DNA200 chip inside, this is also a highly reliable unit safeguarded against electronic mishaps. Inside, Lost Vape has installed a 900mAh cell which can be taken out or recharged internally. Set up vaping for a maximum of 200W or 600F and install an atomizer coil with resistance as low as 0.05 (Temperature-sensitive only). Firmware is upgradable on this CNC-machined, polished unit with a spring-loaded pin and pass-through capacity.



3. Best All-in-One, Aspire Plato

I love the style of anything Aspire makes, especially this all-in-one mod. A tank is fitted inside which protects the glass tube and creates a small overall size for the entire unit compared with connecting a tank and mod separately. The Plato, finished in various colors of brushed metal, reaches 50W with the power of a removable battery. It’s also a TC mod capable of 600F with an insulated stainless steel tip, removable for cleaning. The tank can adopt either a 4.6-ml or 5.6-ml configuration depending on the coil build, which is a unique feature.



4. Best eGo, Joyetech eGo AIO

I never said this was a list of box mods. Vapers who like the cylinder shape and aren’t keen on a high-output system will still produce heavy clouds using a 1500mAh eGo A10. At 19 mm, this is a slender mod, though large compared with most eGo-type e cigs. A10 comes with a matching 2-ml illuminated tank so select your color. It’s also childproof. Charge the battery via USB. Of all the systems here this is the simplest, featuring just one button and no screen.



5. Best Geometry, Joyetech Cuboid 80W

Here we are at Joyetech again, this time to take a look at their unusual Cuboid Mini 80W. The Cuboid’s geometric structure is like nothing else in that both the rectangular base and square tank create a pillar. A Temperature Control Cuboid contains 2400mAh of battery power and reaches 80W. Joye’s PCB supports 0.25-ohm coils and operates in several modes. These include settings for Ni200, 316 Titanium, stainless steel, and regular coils. Choose TCR mode for superior accuracy or Bypass to vape the old-fashioned way.


6. Cutest Mod, Tesla Nano

Tesla makes mods both large and small, but the Nano is their most adorable. It adopts a chunky style and contains a 3600mAh battery. There are several colors available too. Measuring 70 x 52 x 25 mm, there’s room for a wider, squat atomizer tank or RDA. Tesla supplies 7W to 60W or 200F to 600F variable output and their technology supports 0.05-ohm minimum resistance when vapers choose a Temperature Control setting, Nickel or Titanium.


7. Best Technology, Innokin Cortex

Innokin’s CORTEX contains the power, accuracy, and protection of an IKARNO S1 chip. This PCB gives consumers the power to vape at up to 80W or to set temperature by increments of 5C or 5F at a time, up to 315C or 600F. The Cortex features extremely low static power usage, meaning standby consumption is minimal. TC is highly precise, thanks to the utilization of Direct Current. Overall, these features create an efficient and accurate mod. Minimum resistance is 0.1 ohms and coils are evenly heated to prevent dry or burnt vapor.


8. Best Chipset, Wismec Reuleaux

JayBo designs and Wismec teamed up to produce this Evolv-powered 200W unit with a USB-charge function and oddly-shaped triple-cell. This shape allows Wismec to produce an unusually ergonomic mod for one so powerful. Usually, 200W units are boxy. Vapers love Evolv technology which they have come to rely on for protection and performance. With the DNA200 chipset, vapers enjoy TC and VW functionality and are safeguarded against low resistance, low voltage, and a short circuit among other things.


9. Sleekest Design, iPV D3 TC

Pioneer4You’s IPV D3 one-battery unit reaches 80W or 75J and contains the exceptional Yihi SX150H chip. There are modes for TC coils and Kanthal, safeguards against reverse battery polarity and low resistance, and most features vapers expect. What I liked best was how the 80W iPV D3 TC stood out stylistically. It’s ergonomic and modern compared with numerous uninspired shapes available.


10. Best Bluetooth-compatible Mod, Smok XPRO BT50W

SMOK revolutionized the mod world with their BT range of mods, like this tiny 50W box which can be upgraded to 65W if you please. They took away the screen because you only need your Smartphone to operate the Smok XPR BT50W. Removing the screen and two of three buttons also removes three vulnerable items which can break if you drop the device. Don’t just control the mod but monitor usage over your Android or iPhone device which is rechargeable using the USB port installed. The range is 6W to 50W supporting 0.2 ohms inside a light yet tough 6061 aluminum frame. You’ll need to buy the battery separately. Rather than recharging internally, vapers can opt to swap cells to eliminate interruptions to vaping and also to recharge cells more quickly.

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