Best E Liquid and Vape Juice Subscriptions

Purchasing individual bottles of e juice from your preferred vendor or over the internet puts you, the shopper, in full control of every aspect of your vaping choice. That includes nicotine levels and flavor categories. As you know, there are dozens of e juice companies in the United States making their own e liquid, often by hand, frequently in small batches.

Most of their mixologists do not try to be unique. They just blend individual extracts (strawberry, coffee, vanilla, etc.) into a particular mixture of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin and choose a limit of nicotine (usually from 0 to 24 mg). You could almost do it at home if you had the equipment.


When you find something you like, it’s hard to imagine experimenting sometimes, but that is not the way everyone feels. If you dislike the staid solution of knowing your e juice flavor up front every time you go shopping, a subscription can be lots of fun and you can still supplement with predictable favorites along the way.

Reasons to Join a Subscription Program

E juice subscription companies typically offer at least 2 no-contract monthly delivery plans, meaning you can join for a month or six months and there are no penalties for pulling out. Their prices usually include shipping and there are set delivery dates each month, like a wine subscription program.

Your box contains a minimum number of bottles as per your arrangement, and sometimes hardware like a battery or coils. Every month, you sit back and wait for all of this stuff to arrive at your door, having done absolutely no work except set the subscription in motion at some point. It is an easy and even lazy way to shop.

It is also a lot of fun. You can be choosy and voice very specific preferences with some companies, even down to the brand and flavor, but most companies sell too many brands of e liquid to let you be so demanding as that.

At the very least, you get to state your preferences for or against certain types of flavors: sometimes 10 styles. Select a nicotine ratio too. Usually, they carry a few brands you can purchase by the bottle whenever you want.

On the other hand, you could ask for the company to surprise you. This way you never know from month to month what types of flavors could arrive. They might be exotic tobacco, anise, fruit and custard, rhubarb pie, or kiwi and pineapple. Your box could contain watermelon candy-flavored juice, espresso-flavored e liquid, or an ice cream style.

The anticipation is exciting enough to justify the cost, even if you get a lot of juices you don’t like. Generally, the rate of satisfaction is about 50% or higher and you can always trade with friends paying for similar subscriptions. Besides, subscription companies charge up to 70% less for e juices than you pay retail.

In the end, there is a good chance of making a discovery. One box might contain the e liquid you have been searching for; one you could vape all day, every day, but which you had never seen before or ever thought you would like. This is a great way to experiment and vape outside of the box.


Juice Crate

This program allows you to choose from three monthly delivery sizes which include hardware and e liquid.

Select 0, 3, 6, or 12 mg, and say yes or no to candy, tobacco, mint, beverage, earthy, and other styles of vapor juice.

You also tell them what gauge of wire you need since this will be inside your package.

Among their partners are Shark Juice, Totally Vaped Out, Blends by Bryce, Mastermind, Frisco Vapor, and the Standard.



The company that started it all offers 6- and 11-bottle plans from $25.99.

They changed their service in response to more customizable competitors’ subscription services, so that now you can be far more specific than originally.

Choose exotic, explosive, smooth, refreshing, dessert, or tobacco profiles (among others) besides nicotine.

Your box will contain offerings from gourmet companies which could include Ben Jonson’s, Banzai, Big Heart, Nebula, Johnson Cree, Cyber E Liquid, Classified, and Mad Mike’s.


E Juice Pack

There are more than 8,000 ways to customize a subscription from E Juice Pack.

They carefully choose e liquids to offer you from nut, candy, coffee, and other styles made by well-known and lesser-known labels.

Select products by MBV, Mister-E-Liquid, or Velvet Cloud. Choose Ballistic, Charlie Noble, and a few other brands of e juice.

The list here isn’t as long as many others and some of their labels are on the lower-end of the e-juice gourmet scale, but customers love them and the price (from $7.99 per month).

Pick a specific flavor/brand or let the company surprise you based on your flavor profile.



Ask for all surprises or make some choices at Zodist.

Their break down of flavor types is fairly typical: creamy, fruit, mint, tobacco, etc.

Nicotine levels are also fairly standard at zero, 6, 12, or 18 mg.

Tell them if there is anything you wish to avoid such as hazelnuts or marshmallow or a particular type of flavor you have always wanted to try such as pipe tobacco or French roast coffee.

Their services start with a $23.99 plan (30 ml/2 bottles). Labels in your box could be Coval Vapes, Drake’s Vapes, Teleos, The Mad Alchemist, or Vapor Technologies.

There is also the option to shop on their website for Dr. Ohms or Brewhaus E Juice among others. They sell mods and kits as well.

More Selection

Some e-cig brands sometimes offer their own subscription services but you only receive their brand of e liquid. An example would be the company VaporFi. Two other companies selling varied brands are Juice Box and Craft Vapery.

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