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The people who make Cartel Mods have delved into e juice. They are just like Glas, makers of the Phantom and Solari, who have released an eponymous brand of e juice. Like this other mod-making firm, Cartel Mods prefers not to go with the flow where bottling their Xanic Blanc flavors is concerned. Anyone can do that. In certain sizes they offer bottles, but their preference is the smaller container with a pump.

Cartel Mods

Before jumping into a review of Xanic Blank E Juice, here is a reminder of some of their hardware. You might have heard of the Boss mod or Scatola. There are also clones by Infinite and HCigar among others. Theirs are highly-expensive devices machined in America, not factory-made Chinese models produced in their thousands. It is no wonder these mod designers and skilled craftsmen went the extra mile when they created their e juice varieties as well.

Xanic Blanc E Liquids

I tried to get a feel for the company and their e juice by watching the video on their website but it was next to pointless as a source of information, being too stylized. You would get more from just reading the site or visiting vendors, yet their website lacked background details or an introduction to their e liquid.

If you want to learn anything, read posts on Facebook, though there is nothing I can see talking about USP ingredients, 99.9% pure nicotine, or a mixing lab. Xanic Blanc has not established a reputation yet either.

They make four flavors with the sorts of classy names and profiles Glas e juices lack in spite of that company’s high-cost hardware. Xanic Blanc’s names are far more in keeping with the high-end reputation of Cartel Mods. Choose Rosé, Biancco, Crema, or Lusso. You could be drinking a variety of Italian wines instead of vaping.

Rosé E Liquid

I immediately assumed this flavor would emulate the style of a slightly dry rosé wine. Alcohol is involved and it is crisp, but my guess was a little off: it’s a Mimosa vape with notes of champagne. Try to detect stone fruits like peach and apricot plus citrus and slightly chilly, sweet undertone.

Biancco Vapor Juice

I can’t tell you why there are two C’s in Biancco, but I know this is a sweet strawberry crepe. Well done to Cartel Mods and Xanic Blanc for doing something different with strawberries, not resorting to custard, cream, or a smoothie-type e juice. They might have chickened out and gone with chocolate-dipped strawberries, strawberry lemonade, or cake, but this vapeologist is brave.

Crema E Juice

If you guess there would be some density to this liquid you would be right. Crema gives the classic “orangesicle” a sophisticated ring and also a slight tang by adding yogurt to the usual cream.

Lusso Nicotine Liquid

Honeydew melon is mixed with milk and menthol in this final member of a flavorsome quartet. Melon is frequently blended with either one of these tastes, but blending all three together is a risky, courageous move. The makers liken this vape to a Melona Ice Pop.

In the Catalogue

Shoppers will be interested to know they can choose three formats: a pump bottle, regular bottle, or flask. The 18-ml pump makes dripping easy, probably easier and tidier than dripping with a dropper lid, but you might miss the neutrality of a glass vessel. Each 18-ml container costs $12.99 which is good value in the gourmet-liquid market.

A 30-ml bottle is also inexpensive: just $20.99. A number of top-shelf brands ask for at least another $1. The third option is to order a flask measuring 130 ml for $69.99. If you can imagine using that much of a single flavor within a reasonable time, before it would be likely to go off, this brings the price down to about 54 cents per milliliter for artisan e juice.

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