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What is the e liquid industry missing at the present time? They can’t seem to assure their customers of the purity and safety of their products.

To some extent, this is impossible until science is able to back up claims. In some cases, companies are not transparent and this leads to justified suspicions about the quality of their products.

Virgin Vapor sets the bar very high. Not many firms can make the same claims they put forward or match their transparency and the intensity of their product testing. They put their clients first and do not charge a small fortune for the privilege. If anything, I get the feeling that being honest from the start would be considered your right by Annette Rogers and her team.

Virgin Vapor and a Job Done Differently

First of all, their flavorings contain nothing artificial: no sweeteners or colors to enhance what are already organic, authentic flavors. There are no GMO’s, gluten, or sugars and flavors are organic. Each e juice will feature between 98.2% and 100% organic ingredients plus, if you select nicotine, this part will be 99.7% pure, kosher, and USP-grade.

The story gets better. Apparently there are machines used for security in airports and other facilities called GCMS machines. Customers will read about an example of this high-tech scanner at the approved lab run by Virgin Vapor. This device tests e liquids for particles which should not get through.

Rogers is continually looking to further their featured security items to create the safest e juice around. No wonder this company belongs to AEMSA and SFATA: they virtually wrote the book on how to appease the FDA and proactively protect their customers from poor quality liquids.

Shop by Filters

I hate it when a firm sells dozens of flavors or styles of something I want but does not create sub-headings or filters. That’s rare these days; anyone can build a website using a click-and-drag tool in order to create sub-headings, thanks to open-source software.

What I love is a set of sensible filters that help me get from “shopping for e juice” to a more specific goal such as “shopping for tropical e juice.” At Virgin Vapor the sub-headings include Menthol, Tobacco, Tropical, Vanilla, and Savory selections. I went straight to the “savory” items where I found two flavors: In Vino Veritas (wine) and Banana Nut Muffin.

Southern Exposure is one of the “Complex” flavors and features southern fruits plus menthol. If I wanted to know what the best sellers were, this sub heading (found in the right sidebar) shows Best Damn Tobacco, Death by Chocolate, Menthol Moon Drops, Celestial Honeydew, and Wicked Watermelon. For someone unsure about what flavors to try, even a flavor category, this would offer a great starting point.

Buy E Juice from Virgin Vapor

When I buy e juice from Virgin Vapor, I have to make a few decisions besides the flavor I want. Would I like 100% vegetable glycerin? Am I in the market for a 15-ml bottle or 30 ml? Buying more saves me a little bit of money per/ml, but I don’t feel put out paying $11.50 to $13.50 for a 15-ml bottle either with the standards featured here. Each 30-ml bottle costs up to $22.50. Would I like the full 18 mg of nicotine per/ml or less? Lower choices are 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg/ml.

Buying Hardware

Most shoppers come to Virgin Vapor for e liquid, but Rogers carries a special selection of eGo batteries, favoring the industry’s most beautiful examples. Instead of only offering single solid colors, she has also selected a huge range of patterns and finishes like tie dye, engraved metal batteries, disco dots, swirls, and an interesting solid metal finish known as Hard Candy. Virgin Vapor also lists eGo twist cells and a selection of eGo starter kits plus accessories such as clearomizers and charging devices.

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