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There are some jobs you can let go; just give them to someone else to do and take a deep breath. You don’t need to think about choosing e juice, for instance, if you subscribe to a subscription service.

Zamplebox is one of them. You could try Zodist, NicPik, or ELiquid-Box, but Vapebox asks that you consider them in place of the others and give yourself a little rest.

Vapebox E Juice Subscriptions

Where does a customer start with Vapebox?

Don’t give them your email details just yet; start with “How it Works” where you find out the system and head to “FAQs” for answers to queries about subscription types and costs. Check out the brands they work with or have worked with in the past; there are lots. Vapebox sends e juice but potentially hardware too if you join their most expensive monthly plan.

Brands Consumers Might Encounter

Your box might contain bottles by Nick’s Blissful Brews, Cosmic Fog, or Fa-Q. A shipment might contain Breakfast at Teleos or Gnar Sauce. Vapebox works with the Standard and Frisco Vapor. Their mods and tanks come from the likes of Hcigar, Innokin, and iJoy. If these ring a bell and you like what you hear, now you can look further.

How It Works

Subscription service providers¬†offer what is called a “curated” e juice package. In other words, they don’t stuff any old e juice into a box, like all the flavors companies are trying to get rid of in exchange for very low wholesale costs. Vapebox asks their customers what sorts of e liquids they like and tries to get to know each person a little better with every order.

Tell them your style preferences such as creamy, fruity, or tobacco e liquids. Give them the heads-up on your nicotine choice and how much vegetable glycerin you would like to see in your bottles. They cannot guarantee all-VG e liquids are available in your chosen flavor, but they will do their best.

Select a vaping level of expertise and mention the sort of system you use to give the company an idea of which e juices will be best for certain coils and wattage or temperature choices. Remember, they’re doing the work, so give these guys something to go on.

Plans from Vapebox

Now you select a plan. There are three options: Sampler, Juice Lovers, or Enthusiast. The first one contains three bottles of 45 ml of e liquid which would normally cost $45 in the store. Add shipping costs, but customers still save money.

The second and third plans both contain 75 ml or 4 to 5 bottles of e liquid depending on their size. The Juice Lovers kit costs $32 plus shipping each month, but add hardware, nearly double the price, and you have an Enthusiast package.

Ordering Online

Concerns about identity theft are legitimate and sensible. Vapebox eases customers’ worries, though, by running a secure e-commerce page. Their shopping site is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption. Customers must be proactive and search for such things.

Now What?

A customer orders stuff then waits until a special day each month when orders arrive. In the box, the client finds flavors he didn’t expect; e juice brands he has never heard of; and surprisingly successful varieties he might not have tried. He might also encounter one or two duds, but it’s unusual for every flavor to fall flat if the client is thoughtful and honest when stating preferences.

This is the exciting part; anticipating what will be in the box each time. You can’t return flavors, so answer questions as thoroughly as possible. There is no commitment, so if the system doesn’t work for you a couple of times in a row, just cancel. You are not obliged to hang on for 6 months to secure the savings customers receive with a subscription.

So Many Advantages

Why pay full price for e liquid? Most people are taking a chance when trying a new style of e liquid no matter what, so take your chances here where it’s cheaper. Also, you don’t have to ponder your purchase; that’s done for you.

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