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The makers of Vape Daugz E Juice want customers to know they only make premium products. This is not cheap, nasty e liquid that tastes like chemicals but top quality liquid you can rely on. They operate in a clean environment using hygienic equipment and processes. While we don’t know what that means (I don’t see the abbreviation “ISO” anywhere), that’s a good start.

I also miss classifications such as “USP” and “American-sourced” or “USA-made,” so I can’t comment on where this company comes from or where the e liquids are made. Vape Daugz e juice contains max-vegetable glycerin (VG) or 95% with 5% propylene glycol (PG). The result is dense cloud cover for RDA users wanting high-watt performance and dramatic vapor.

Customer Service

Expect top notch customer service from this company, something you do not always see in the vaping industry. Let Vape Daugz prove that vapers and vape companies aren’t too cool to serve their clients with respect. Vape Daugz stands behind their excellent ingredients and practices but they also give back with 2% on each sale going to their local shelter for stray, abandoned, and abused animals.

When a store buys Vape Daugz to sell to their customers, the company contributes 2% of that wholesale order to the shelter a particular store chooses. It is so nice to see a company giving back to their community and to a worthy cause. Customers won’t be surprised about the animal connection either.

Three Series

There are 3 series of Vape Daugz e liquids to choose from. These are their original Vape Daugz Line, Dragon Line liquids, and the Bird Dogs series. Let’s learn more about flavors (PG/VG ratios are all the same).

Vape Daugz

Vape Daugz Line

I don’t know what you named your dog, but at Vape Daugz they select original monikers for their pooches; all six of them. Meet Ziggy, Tyson, Foofer, Hooch, Smokey, and Todd. Each one represents an e juice, perhaps one approved by that particular canine.

Ziggy tastes like lemon pound cake. Enjoy alcohol-free Irish rum cram when you vape Tyson. Foofer is a salted caramel blend. Hooch tastes like an after dinner mint that is lightly creamy and sweet. Smokey tobacco was aged in a whiskey cask. Todd is a fruit blend.

Dragon Line

Vape Daugz Dragon Line

Each of the 7 Dragon Line e juices (except two) is distinguished from Vape Daugz and Bird Dogs by their square glass bottles and images of medieval dragons. All of them are custard flavors. A few of them start with thick Dragon’s Milk strawberry custard as a base. Blue Dragon adds blueberry to the creamy mixture and Dragon’s Breath blends in orange. Either one is a tasty complement to strawberry.
Vanilla and brown sugar constitute Dragon’s Tears, a completely separate flavor but still creamy with the texture of custard. If you vape Convicted, the emphasis is banana while the last flavor deviates by combining cotton candy, vanilla, and blueberry into a candy-style sweet vape. Lazy Dragon lounges on the beach sipping Key lime, vanilla, and Graham cracker.

Bird Daugz Line

Bird Daugz Line

Polly, Dixi, Buddy, and Buckaroo are the flying friends of Vape Daugz. Each is a fruity flavor inspired by these fruit-loving feathered friends. Glass bottles appear to depict white doves in flight. They are elegant labels reminding you that, at Vape Daugz, they have a passion for the rights of animals.

Buy Vape Daugz

Henley has 40-ml bottles of the Dragon Line for $24 containing 0, 3, 6, or 12 mg of nicotine per/ml. They carry all 7 flavors. Strate Vape has them for a little less and also 120-ml bottles plus an 18-mg option.

Dixie Vape carries Vape Daugz, their eponymous line, but Dragon e juices by Vape Daugz appear to be the most popular and widely carried. Every one of their bottles is made from glass with a dripping top and is transparent so you can see the state your e juice is in on a vape store shelf or as soon as you remove it from packaging at your door.

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  • Holly L says:

    Hello 🙂 Thank you for your awesome review! We are proud of our juice, and love the fact the we can bring a little joy to peoples lives through our juice!

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