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Name two dishes you would associate with a cooked breakfast. If you said “bacon and eggs” or “hash browns and sausage” let me be clearer. Name two sweet dishes you could vape which would be associated with maple syrup.

Now you are probably thinking along the right lines, maybe even thinking of the two vape stars I’m going to highlight today. They emulate a duo of classics: pancakes and French toast. All they need to try now is Belgian waffles and a Morning Glory muffin.

Vape Breakfast Classics, First Try

The original e juice launched by Vape Breakfast Classics is their Pancake Man because, when surveyed, the most popular cooked breakfast topped with whipped cream and maple syrup is pancakes. Remember that when you are a contestant on Family Feud.

Pancake Man tastes, appropriately, like a fluffy pancake slathered in real butter. Atop this warm cake, strawberries are sliced and sprinkled over fresh whipped cream followed by a drizzle of maple syrup, of course. What’s a pancake without that sweet gooey syrup?

Reviews have been excellent. Customers can really taste the flavors and recall the textures associated with their best pancake memories whether enjoyed at home or at an award-worthy diner. Could Vape Breakfast Classics follow up with something equally good?

Vape Breakfast Classics, Second Release

Some vapers believe that French Dude is better than Pancake Man. Of course, this is French toast and much the same as before except with the texture of bread instead of pancakes and a hint of cinnamon.

Keep in mind that pancakes are a lot like bread, but vapers are adamant that the two flavors differ. Besides, Pancake Man was topped with strawberries; blueberries are dropped all over that fresh mound of whipped cream.

Otherwise, the maple syrup drizzle and butter add a note of familiarity besides “taste memory” which takes you to another time; another breakfast table.

Other Flavors

One site associates Granny’s Pie with Vape Breakfast Classics, and I am now confused: is this one of theirs? No one else has made this connection. Granny’s Pie doesn’t even follow the formula. Peach Cobbler wouldn’t be my third choice of “breakfast classic” anyway.

Pricing for Vape Breakfast Classics

Here is another confusing thing. One site says you get 120 ml for $30. Let’s be clear. An e juice kit from Vape Breakfast Classics will contain a single 60-ml glass bottle plus two empty unicorn bottles (long, narrow, plastic) for taking smaller amounts on the road.

You also receive stickers, a key chain, and a button. Those sound like silly things to pay $30 for but the price of your e juice is just 50₵ per/ml; the other stuff is a bonus. Use stickers and stuff to promote vaping in a world that doesn’t know what to make of e liquid and e cigs.

Two Complaints

I have two bones to pick with these guys. One is that, without their own website or even a Facebook page that I could find, there is nothing to tell me about ingredients and where/how Vape Breakfast Classics e juice is made. Secondly, it’s the labels. Guys: the FDA is going to come down on you anyway, so why not make the change proactively?

Otherwise this a popular brand of e-juice with a strong following.

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