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Gilla, an umbrella corporation for several e liquid companies, owns a brand known as The Mad Alchemist E Juice. The Mad Alchemist labels create the impression that inside your bottle is a sludge of toxic waste with a picture of two metal barrels like the kinds that contain chemicals.

The reality is far better. Contents of a bottle of The Mad Alchemist e liquid are tasty; made with Max-VG suspensions and 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine per/ml. A 15-ml bottle typically costs $12.99 and the flavors are suitable for sub ohm vaping systems.

The Mad Alchemist Flavors

Feast your eyes on a fantastic array of flavors from The Mad Alchemist. These are Chem Trail, Custard Matter, Dragon’s Breath, Fairy Dust, and Peaches & Scream. The last one is the most obvious: peaches with cream as you would expect.

Fairy Dust is all fruity, mixing strawberry with apple and pear for a unique and refreshing vape. Custard Matter tantalizes the taste buds with calorie-free but thick, dense, creamy vanilla custard. Cotton Candy gets a vaporous overhaul in Chem Trail. Try Dragon’s Breath if you are interested in knowing how well cinnamon and raspberry blend. Most people think to pair cinnamon with apple, but not usually raspberry.

Buying The Mad Alchemist E Juice

The Mad Alchemist E Juice is not available for retail sales directly from their website or the Gilla page. They distribute to wholesale clients who turn around and sell this brand from their physical stores or online catalogues. This is top-shelf e juice, so expect to see it listed wherever other gourmet options are found.

Better Bottling

The Mad Alchemist treats their products like sensitive material, bottling it in glass, not plastic which can’t always handle the sharper flavors such as cinnamon. You don’t want a hint of plastic on the exhale either, so The Mad Alchemist opts for glass bottling. Glass is neutral and won’t leave a bit of its own imprint behind in the fusion of flavors. Dripper caps are user-friendly for direct application to top-load vape tanks or dripping atomizers.

Gilla E Juice Collective

As I said, Gilla is the company that owns The Mad Alchemist. They also carry Craft Vapes, Craft Clouds, Miss Pennyworth’s Elixirs, Vape Warriors, and Replicant E-Liquids. If you go to their website, this provides three links: one to an off-site sales platform; another to Facebook; and a third to the Gilla page where you can learn about this company and what their aims are. They also provide the name and a short biography for each of the most important names in the company, such as their CEO.

Gilla’s goal is to produce and distribute generic and gourmet e liquids around the world. They have offices in Canada, the US, and Hungary where teams work on the marketing angle plus a mixing facility supervised by e juice experts.

Gilla takes established juices and improves their image with better marketing and labeling. They “rebuild brands” so they can live up to a certain potential. The people at Gilla are experts in the field of digital marketing and the company is run by individuals with many years of experience in the corporate/marketing worlds like entrepreneurs, a chartered accountant, and financial professionals.

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