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It’s hardly rocket science to determine what Taffy Man e juice is supposed to taste like. Then again, there is more than one flavor.

Can you name more than one flavor of taffy, even if you haven’t tried them? Could you even describe what makes taffy different from toffee or caramels? How is it unique and in what way could a vape blender get that difference across with mere vapor that has no chew? Let’s take a look at Taffy Man E Liquid and find out if this vapeologist has the right touch.

Taffy Man Origins

Taffy Man comes from Orange County, California, where every other sort of flavor was being developed for e liquid except taffy, apparently. As far as the makers were concerned, this boardwalk sweet was as good as Jolly Ranchers, churros, and mini donuts, so the time had come to give Taffy its rightful place in the e liquid spotlight, and here it is.

E Juice Labels

But it’s a creepy sort of label. I picture a man made of bendable candy, perhaps in the style of a character from the Candyland board game. Instead, the artist behind this label appears to appreciate the Tim Burton style of art and is probably a fan of The Walking Dead.

A blob of taffy features empty eye sockets, two nasal cavities, and a scribbly half-faced smile, each color coordinated to match the flavor profile. Is there such a thing as death by candy? If there is, this particular candy face houses an evil mind that would know how to commit the crime.

Bottling Basics

Each bottle of Taffy Man E Liquid is made from glass and topped with a squeeze-dropper for easy dripping onto an RDA or through the top cap of a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. They measure 30 ml each,contain up to 12 mg of nicotine per/ml, and cost about $22 unless you receive one as part of a subscription.

Flavors of Taffy Man E Juice

Here’s the fun part: taffy flavors. When I tried to imagine taffy flavours, their various lovely colors inside of wax paper came back to me immediately: orange creamsicle, blueberry, root beer, peppermint.

The possibilities are endless, each one a little bit creamy and dense, but not as sickly sweet or buttery as toffee. Their flavors are lighter, in general, as though they are only a little too heavy to be marshmallows.

G8Ape is the grape style. It’s supposed to be so much like grape taffy you’ll start chewing. There’s certainly a lot of VG in the blend, 70%, but still not enough to get your teeth around.

H20Bry blends watermelon with strawberry taffy; the crispness of a real watery slice of melon and sweet summer berries.

TR4BLU takes its inspiration from blue raspberry, a popular style of candy right now, combining the sweetness of blueberries and raspberries with their tart side.

That’s just three types of Taffy Man E Juice; certainly not the full extent of what’s available from candy store shelves. But if a style of taffy starts to emulate something else closely enough, you might as well give vapers the original flavor, like a creamy root beer, for example.

Also, a good vape maker takes time to ensure his blend is authentic and won’t release it until it’s ready. If there’s not another Taffy Man variety on shelves yet, that’s because none of the maker’s efforts have met with his satisfaction.

More Taffy E Juice

Mount Baker Vapor makes a flavor known as Wacky Taffy e juice flavored like fruit punch. A number of companies also blend their own shop-brand of e liquid and lean towards banana-style taffy.

It’s not the gourmet style you have come to expect from Taffy Man, but these are introductory varieties at a lower price. It’s often fun to try cheap e juice for a while then taste a better quality product so you can really appreciate how authentic the flavor is.


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