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Have you ever eaten Nerds candy? Maybe you have, but as a child, and the brand has slipped your mind because you know how much it costs to fill a cavity. Think back to a little box featuring one unnatural color on the left and another on the right; two chemically altered-shades not found in any natural food.

Nerds Candy

A little portal, one on each side of the box, allowed you to shake out a few of these tiny candies shaped unevenly, like pebbles, boasting the same color as the box. At the sound of your rattle, swarms of “friends” would crowd around you begging for just one kernel of microscopic confection. These particles of synthetic goodness were supposed to loosely mimic fruits, but mostly they were gloriously sweet and there was always one more little grain stuck in a corner of the box.

That’s Nerds, still around today, and almost always featured in actual candy stores rather than little corner stores. They’re treated like some kind of vintage treat although Nerds were first released about 30 years ago, so they’re not ancient like that pink popcorn with the elephant. That’s a bit of history.


The business of selling memories has hit every industry, including e juice manufacturing, to the point where you can experience the flavors of favorite cereals from childhood assuming you gave them up as an adult. Adults, conscious of the cost of dentistry and their waist lines, are happy to swap real candy for candy-flavored vapor emulating Skittles, Almond Joy candy bars, Jolly Ranchers, and Gummi Bears.

Let’s not forget Nerds either. If a candy maker can concoct a flavor, an e juice vapeologist can figure out a way to make their product taste and smell exactly the same. It’s uncanny how a skilled individual can replicate the texture of powder or sticky hard candies; the exact degree of sweet or sour.

Numskullz E Liquid

Numskullz Strawnana and Wapple

One version of Nerds e juice to come onto real vape store shelves and online catalogues recently is Numskullz E Liquid, a Nerds-inspired product in both packaging and flavor. The product is sold as two bottles at a time (60 ml total) for up to $35.

One side of the box holds a strawberry-banana or Stranana candy blend and the other contains watermelon-apple, a.k.a. Wapple. The ratio is 70% VG, 30% PG, so it is meant for sub ohm, high-watt vaping.

You can get the e juice in 0, 3, or 6 mg strengths. Numskullz is not sold individually at this time; that wouldn’t make sense in the overall marketing scheme. In fact, this is the only firm so far to take their marketing to the next level and really authenticate the candy in both flavor and presentation.

That half-and-half style is part of the product as much as flavors are, if not more so. The flavors remained separate in their box after all. If you are disappointed by having to order two at a time, however, a number of other companies make their own version of Nerds-flavored e juices. Take a look at two more below.

Nurdz by Splash Labs

You could just call this strawberry-grape candy-style e juice and that would cover it, yet there is a certain something about Nerds different from a strawberry or grape-style jelly bean or Jolly Rancher. This one contains the same ration of VG and PG as Numskullz E Liquid, costs $22 for 30 ml, and comes in the same 3 nicotine levels plus 12 mg.

Okay, so you blended the candies in your hand in real life; or did you? Were you one of those picky people who wouldn’t mix colors? If so, then too bad; they’re mixed together like a sugar casserole in a bottle of Nurdz, although one is sure to feature more prominently versus the other with every puff.

Nerd Dust by Salacious Elixirs

Bottle size remains the same throughout all of these products at 30 ml, but Nerd Dust is cheaper than Nurdz, costing $17.00 which is what each bottle of Numskullz costs. A slight increase in VG brings you to 80/20 with the same nicotine levels available. Again, we are talking about a grape/strawberry mixture with no chance to split them, but it’s fun to decide if you’re breathing in strawberry, breathing out grape or vice versa.

Glass Bottles

Gourmet e juice firms usually package their e juice in glass bottles rather than in plastic. Why does this matter so much? Depending on flavor, it can make a lot of difference, especially if the flavor is known to cause tanks to cloud or crack. Plastic doesn’t stand up to these types of e juice very well.

Plastic also tends to leave a bit of flavor behind, so you can’t help but taste it when you vape. Maybe it’s partly a psychological thing. Glass is inert for sure, though, and there’s no doubt that glass will stand up to the sharpness of a sometimes mild, sometimes bold sour counterbalance to Nerds’ sweet flavors.


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