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NJOY makes a total of 10 styles of e juice. They are classic singles, nothing fancy. Their e liquids are made in the United States using ingredients from the US and other countries, but they follow GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices and use only USP ingredients. These include their bases, flavorings, nicotine, and lactic acid where necessary.

Single Flavors

The handful of simple flavor options starts with two classics: Classic Tobacco and Menthol. These are the e juice flavors NJOY is associated with and which won over a host of smokers in favor of their disposable e cigs back when the company got its start.

They added another flavor to the disposable duo to make a trio: Blue + Blackberry. This sparked interest in fruit styles and NJOY complied by adding several styles with a fruit base.

Blue + Blackberry is their best seller in the non-tobacco category, but Peach Tea, Iced Fruit, Wild Berry, Pomegranate, and Blood Orange are looking for that title too. Which one do you imagine will be the winner six months from now?

Fruits aren’t all that NJOY has to offer. How about a Single Malt Scotch or Vanilla Bean? While most companies offer vanilla, an iced fruit style, plus the basic original duo, no other American e cig company and e juice manufacturer is catering to the guy in the board room with his tumbler full of ice and a high quality malt Scotch.

Mix and Match Bundles

It’s not unusual to order a sample pack from any company selling e liquid if they have enough choices to make it worthwhile. They will usually combine flavors with something in common such as all tobacco, all sweet, all fruit, etc. NJOY takes a unique approach to combo packs by coordinating complementary but potentially very different flavors into six sets.

Customers are meant to use the instructions provided and blend the three flavors in each kit to create one of their six new blends. These are Peaches & Cream, Blue Pomegranate Cooler, Summer Punch, Arctic Fruit, Peach & Orange Sweet Tea, and Blood Orange Gelato.

The Cooler is made using Menthol, Pomegranate, plus Black + Blueberry. That’s where the “blue” comes from although that’s all in your mind. You get 30 ml of e juice for $17.99 as opposed to $7.99 per 10-ml bottle for a total of $23.97. You save about $6 by going this route, always a bonus.

Make your gelato with Vanilla Bean, Menthol, and Blood Orange. Menthol supplies that chilly feeling plus a hint of mint, like in a Mojito, but not too strong I hope. Experiment until the flavor is what you want even if instructions lead you to add more of one thing and less of another.

Each of the six mixes comes with Menthol so you are meant to enjoy a touch of something crisp. You could also make your own blend with the addition of tobacco. Classic Tobacco is described here as clean and strong. That doesn’t sound too robust to make a Vanilla-Tobacco with a hint of fruit, maybe Peach.

Artisan E Liquid

NJOY also offers their Artists’ collection. A bottle measures 30 ml and costs $19.99. These are premium e liquids for advanced devices which should build huge, aromatic clouds of vapor.


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