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The e juice industry and vaping customers are still waiting for the FDA’s ruling, months after they announced upcoming investigations into the e juice industry. Customers, manufacturers, and retailers want to know where they stand, what to expect for the future, and who should start looking for a new line of work.

Whatever ruling they come up with is bound to have a negative effect on many companies and individuals, but some firms have been acting in good faith for so long they hope not to be hit too hard.

Firms such as Johnson Creek Vapor Company had it in their minds from the beginning that customers deserve to know what is in their products and where it is made just as they would wish to know where their food and drink comes from. Here’s more about Johnson Creek: what they make, how they make it, and a little bit of their story.

Short Bio

When e cigs took off in the United States in the latter part of the first decade of the new millennium, Johnson Creek Enterprises of Wisconsin was a leader. They were one of the first American e juice companies to launch their product and not just any product: one made to exacting standards in the United States.

Their company is ISO 9001:2008-certified and they did not wait for fear mongering among vapers to establish high standards. That came from foresight and a responsible attitude. As a result, their foundations are strong.

The individuals behind Johnson Creek believed they could make e juice better, back in the day when flavors lacked authenticity and quality was dubious. They don’t even call their product e juice: they have dubbed it “Smoke Juice” in order to distinguish their bottles of e liquid from the rest.

E Liquid Lines

After the first few years, a variety of independent flavor categories emerged at Johnson Creek. They started with the classics for top-coil (beginner) clearomizers but added Birchwood 100% vegetable glycerin e liquids and Kiln House heritage tobacco varieties.

All Johnson Creek e juices are made in Wisconsin. If you wish to know whether or not Diacetyl and other ingredients of concern have slipped into their blends, check out their chart of test results available from the website.

Search Breakdown

Any search at an online store which sells 30-plus types of e juice — not to mention hardware and accessories — should also provide filters. These enable the customer to narrow his search. Reducing frustration this way, Johnson Creek encourages consumers to stay, not switch to a different website in their exasperation in order to hone in on a flavor or e juice style.

Focus on fruit, dessert, tobacco, or menthol smoke juice. Select high-VG, PG-free, or PG/VG e liquid (high-VG is unsuitable for single coils.) Pick New, Classic, or Specialty flavors. Alternatively, browse all 36 items.

Founders Reserve

Of course, this article won’t try to summarize them all. We’ll start with the most expensive sort of e liquid, one made in small batches and often sold out. Founders Reserve is steeped in wooden whiskey barrels so rich tobacco flavor carries the underlying aroma and flavor of whiskey.

Each 30-ml bottle, when available, is priced a note under $30 and comes in two strengths: 0.6% and 1% nicotine. It contains a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, is made from ingredients provided by US firms, and provides a strong throat hit. You can read the flavor profile of every product: vapor production, throat hit, tobacco flavor, and sweetness.

JC Classic

Every 15-ml bottle of this early flavor costs $9.95. The flavor profile is complicated: nutty but realistic tobacco at its heart with sweet grain plus accents of vanilla and caramel. It’s propylene glycol-based, moderately sweet, and smooth. JC Classic has received an average of 4.6 stars from customers.

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