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There are so many general e cig retailers in the United States and many of them are similar in their approach to that of Indigo Vapor. They carry average-priced items for the average e cig user.

Their catalogues do not contain high-end mods like authentic, engraved stainless steel mechanical items. Instead, their audiences are offered Innokin, Smoktech, and other hardware made in China. It is a solid approach that is working well all over the country and should also help Indigo Vapor carve a share of the market.

Get to Know Indigo Vapor

Like many of these companies, Indigo carries a house brand of e liquid, but this is where the company excels. Crafted e liquids are the backbone for their business, made from the highest quality ingredients like USP nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol.

The makers of Indigo Vapor have chosen to bottle it in glass for safety and flavor integrity. Plastic interacts with e liquids, particularly those that would corrode plastic tanks. Indigo does not care to risk the authenticity of their flavors or the health of their consumers by selecting even food-grade plastic bottles for packaging.

Their flavors are GRAS-approved and suspended in a 50/50 mixture of PG and VG. They use no oils, dyes, colors, diacetyl, or other chemicals. Their $9.49 bottles contain 15mls of liquid with the option to upgrade to as much as 120mls and a maximum of 2.4% nicotine.

Fresh Flavors: an Indigo Vapor Review

If nothing else, you are going to love the names of at least some Indigo Vapors, like the ones in their Tobacco section. The Duke is a simple yet bold tobacco. Uncle Nutty resembles cherry tobacco.

The signature fruit blend on their menu is Kaleidoscope, which conjures the image Indigo had in mind. Within you will find a ménage of melons and other sweet fruits. Strawberry Blonde is strawberry champagne with other surprises, such as one would experience when talking with a highly beautiful woman whose intelligence has been underestimated owing to the color of her hair and the shape of her body.

Trust a Grape Ape to balance banana and grape without letting one fruit bully the other. Mandarin Mashup squeezes tropical notes into a mandarin base.

Almost everything in the Ice line is something from their Fruit selection with the addition of a cooling agent. These include Ice Ape (banana and grape) and Blue Waltz (blueberry), but also Analog Ice and Hot Sauce (cinnamon red hots on ice).

Indulge: that is the heading for desserts, treats, and sweet drinks. It starts with a tongue-in-cheek title: 5 Bucks. That’s how much you would pay for this vape if it was a drink at your favorite coffee shop. Enjoy a Caramel Macchiato: coffee, cream, and caramel.

When you vape 5 Bucks, it certainly costs less than $5. Blueberry Whoopee is a play on the traditional whoopee pie. Tobacco, cherry, and coffee contort themselves into Dawn to Dusk, but painlessly. Indigo touts this as an all-day vape.

Special Selections

The most requested vape from Indigo is Oohra: chocolate and tobacco fused together. An aging Duke becomes a Reserve e liquid for $10.49; one that has been steeped to create an even smoother, nuttier, more intense tobacco. Reserve e liquids are available with only 12, 18, or 24mg of nicotine.

Good Impression

Impressions of e liquids are subjective: there is no way to please everyone. But Indigo makes you want to trust them. Their mixologist’s attention to safety and to the delicate nature of his craft should inspire faith in the wary consumer who has tried many brands and been unimpressed. Even if Indigo is not the vape for you, it’s hard to hold that against them considering the efforts they made to create clean flavors.

Samplers by Indigo

Sample packs are created with very small bottles, large bottles, and “buckets.” The Indigo Sample Pack comes with four 4ml bottles of your choice. Patriotic flavors were those requested during Project Vape A Soldier and include Oohrah, Rocket’s Glare, Purple Mountain Majesty, Light ’em Up, Lemon, and Blue Yonder. Choose a Tobacco or Fruit Sampler and bottles as large as Monolith Buckets (120ml).

Hardware at Indigo

Indigo carries several vaping devices by Innokin like the MVP iTaste starter for $60, which competes well at this price and an MVP 2.0 Kit for $75. Purchase the Smok eGo Winder VV 1300 battery for $28.99 or a kit for $50, both of which are prices destined to perform well online. An eGo C 1100mAh is a remarkable $13.99.

Choose an RSST RBA by Smok for $30.99: a touch over the average low, but nothing dramatic. Kanger Aerotanks sell for $19.99.

This is an easy website to move around in, full of selection and great pricing.

One could conceivably choose Indigo as a one-stop shop for all electronic cigarette necessities from rebuildable items and parts to e liquid. Indigo Vapor is located in Mishawaka, Indiana.



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