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Some websites are really bland or unoriginal while others are designed with some stylistic effort. Where this is the case, a theme is chosen to represent what a company stands for or to reinforce the name. At HighBrow Vapor. they have taken some time to emphasize the high quality they insist upon at this family-owned e juice company.

E Juice Style

A sketch of a man in antiquated clothing, perhaps an English gentleman, stands guard over the scrolls of information featured on the Home Page.

While I would argue there are mixed eras represented here (judging by the man’s clothing, he originates from well into the age of printing en masse, long after scrolls were fashionable), the font (Engraver’s?) helps to bolster an impression that HighBrow does things the old-fashioned way: with care, attention to detail, knowing that they will have to stand behind their products and face up to customers if they make any mistakes.

It is as though they do not have the internet to put between themselves and patrons although they do, but that’s not the point. At this family-run company, customer service (and old-fashioned idea) is important.

Some Flavors

An entire series known as Highbrowbacco tastes like assorted cigar, pipe, and cigarette tobaccos.

They include French Pipe, Tabac de Perique, RY4, Menthol, Clove, Cigar, and Exotic Blend.

Certain non-tobacco styles caught my eye because they are original or less common. Malt is not easy to decipher on your palate. Is it creamy or sweet? Is this an oatmeal vape or perhaps malted milk? Try it at different settings or on various mods to determine if temperature or particular coils make a difference.

Green Tea isn’t unheard of but features fairly rarely. So does Pure Pear, although pear is becoming more popular among vape blenders. Blackberry Limoncello is another exotic type of juice: blackberry with lemon. As for Caramel Cake, one that customers review very highly, I can’t say it’s ever appeared on my radar up until this point.

A lot of vapologists try their hands at Tiramisu, but I’ve got a feeling they do it better at HighBrow judging by their continual emphasis on high standards. Strawberry Lemonade, however, pops up many times in the vape world.

Heavenly Macaroon has been overlooked by many, but not Crème Brulee: a current favorite. Eve’s Delight (apple) and Espresso have enjoyed the spotlight many times in numerous ways.

Making the Juice

HighBrow uses an asceptic technique which simply means their environment is sterile and professionals overlook the process of juice blending and bottling. They can customize any flavor with a full propylene glycol, full vegetable glycerin, or blended ratio of base liquid, added flavor, and up to 36 mg of nicotine.

Each 10-ml bottle costs $7.50, so it’s on the expensive side, certainly. One plus about their flavors which could account for the higher price, however, is their use of natural flavors. There are no artificial flavors in these liquids.

If an item is not in stock, you will see that when you click on a particular flavor. Purchase these bottles online only: they don’t have a brick-and-mortar location. HighBrow supports a team of affiliates and accepts wholesale orders.

Other Brands

I hunted down some other versions of items like Tiramisu and Strawberry Lemonade to give you comparison points. You might have tried Strawberry Lemonade by Adam Bomb or Carpe Diem (Carpe Noctum). Tiramisu is also a flavor on the menu at Ahlusion, Organliq, Yaeliq, and Crystal Canyon Vapors (Treviso).

If you are interested in trying one of the HighBrow versions and wonder what they will taste like but have already sampled the ones I just mentioned, those are your reference points but also provide the bar for flavor. Is there one you think is the best of its kind? If so, that’s what HighBrow has to beat.

Vapers hunting down the best macaroon e juice will have possibly tried Cocoroons from Potion Vape or Kali’s Coconut Burfi from Nirvana Vapor. Crème Brulee is one of the “it” flavors right now, overtaking plain old custard. Jimmy the Juiceman, Artisan E Liquid, NicoTicket, and Fluid Juice are among the purveyors of this rich, creamy dessert.

I have a feeling that if one of the above styles is your favorite, you are just going to have to try them all. That’s the only way to decide which one you like best. It’s a painful job, but someone has to do it.


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