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Customers “demand quality and consistency” from e liquid manufacturers. The team at Halo promises to give customers just that: honest, full answers to important questions.

Just what are you inhaling and why are some companies too arrogant or ignorant to find out more about their own products? Recent rulings about e juice at the federal level will ensure some such firms stop operating.

In the meantime, will all the flavors left for e cig users be bland and unexciting? As long as Halo sticks around, shoppers will have no problem finding complex and beautiful styles including some award-winners.

Proven Quality

Why should Halo E Juice be among those brands which weather the storm? First of all, their business is established and relatively large.

Halo will have to go through the long-winded and expensive application process but, unlike some US firms, they can probably handle the cost and won’t lose all of their loyal customers as they await certification.

Also, Halo E Cigs took steps long ago to make sure their e juice was made and bottled with great attention to detail. For instance, their e liquids are blended and bottled in the United States at a huge and regulated facility in Gainsville, Florida, where they use “state-of-the-art” equipment to ensure safety standards are met or exceeded.

Bottling is supervised by a trained chemist. E Liquids are steeped while being stored in appropriately cool conditions.
Each bottle of Halo e Juice is marked with a best-before date and lot number that can be tracked back to who bottled it and when.

Caps are all child-resistant to protect vapers’ children and grandchildren from the dangers of nicotine.


Halo reports that many firms don’t research the source of their ingredients which causes a breakdown in assurances along the supply chain.

How can a company promise anything if they don’t know the answers? Halo knows better, finding out the way in which products are made before they become part of the Halo ingredient list; accepting the best and rejecting anything less.

Their nicotine, glycerin, and propylene glycol are all USP-grade and flavorings have been approved by the Food Extract Manufacturers’ Association.

Finally, Halo E Juice is simply wonderful. Experts agree that their recipes create satisfying, high-quality results. Their list of awards proves as much. The variety isn’t huge but it’s enough to help Halo compete with similarly established and responsible firms like Volcano E Cigs, Apollo, and Vaporfi.

Blends to Try

Trust Halo to bring you the best tobacco-type flavors including some classics, US styles, and exotic types from around the world. Tobacco is at the core of their e juice development as you can see by just how many varieties they make.

After getting started, Halo also delivered more sweet flavors to keep up with the growing demand for dessert styles, but they stay true to Halo principles of manufacturing and bottling at every step.

The series for regular clearomizers and blank cartomizers as seen in their list of hardware consists of several mint/menthol types and tobacco flavors like LongHorn, Tribeca, Midnight Apple, and Freedom.

Tribeca is very smooth; Freedom is “robust” in Halo’s words; and Midnight Apple is a little spicy. LongHorn reflects the experience of a Corojo and Cavendish blend, more like a pipe perhaps, but Captain Jack is a hearty pipe tobacco-type for sure.

Try a straight-up Menthol or Cool Mist, a little sweeter and smoother. Malibu combines tropical fruit with menthol resulting in a Pina Colada with a cool exhale.

Buying Halo E Juice

When you purchase e liquid from Halo, you will be asked whether you want Standard type or High-VG (where available) for a coil rated under 1 ohm. Secondly, which bottle size is right for you: 7, 10, or 30 ml?

High-VG e juice is available in 10- and 30-ml bottles and the two higher levels are bottled in glass rather than plastic. Finally, order a level of nicotine from zero to 2.4%.


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