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At Get Wrecked Juices of Jacksonville, Florida they do not believe in unnecessarily qualifying their statements and the names of their e juices. You will not see words like “premium,” “reserve,” or “gourmet” on any product to indicate that they are actually hand-made in a poorly lit, inadequately cleaned environment using any old ingredients.

They utilize USP propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine where required, but the lab or clean room is not described. Let’s hope it is certified and hygienic.

Vapers will either have to ask the firm that question or trust this company and their e juice costing only $8 for a 30-ml bottle no matter what flavor you order. It is affordable but not cheap.

Why Not $15 or More?

How can Get Wrecked Juices afford to charge so little? One reason is probably that they do not devise unusual flavors. The assortment is pretty standard; a typical selection of flavors one would expect from a firm selling budget stuff.

There are loads of fruits, candies, desserts, beverages, tobacco, and minty types of e liquids. They simply tend to be one-flavor products. Consumers can buy as many as they like and make additions or create mixtures as they choose.

Another reason for the low cost is probably that their website is minimal. It’s mostly black and white too.

Best Seller at Get Wrecked Juices

The top seller at Get Wrecked Juices is something called Equestrian Milk.

This is a strawberry milkshake disguised as e juice but with no calories. I’m not surprised this is their top selling e liquid since this style from other e juice companies is also popular; companies like Suicide Bunny and Cuttwood.

Popular Products

I don’t know what it’s doing here, but the famous Hawk Sauce from Mount Baker Vapor is also on sale and is among the popular choices. This is the real thing: sweet and sour berries plus a hint of menthol for refreshment.

More from Get Wrecked Juices

What other types of e liquid can one expect to buy from this firm based in Florida? They carry Bananas Foster, Bacon, and Black Honey Tobacco. Some new items are listed like Kahlua and Cream, Banana Candy, and Pink Lemonade.

Quantum tastes like blue raspberry, another popular candy style with fruit. Look for Creams and Custards or Herbs and Spices. This latter category should really be called spices and flowers because it contains items such as Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, and Vanilla. E-Caffeine is also listed here; a caffeine boost with or without nicotine one can mix with any other flavor but which they do not recommend for use on its own.

Buying and Customizing

Purchase goods directly from Get Wrecked Juices, online. They present two customization questions. One is your MG level which stands for milligrams of nicotine per/ml. At first I wondered if “MG” stood for some kind of concentrate or herb they were selling in their e juice mixtures which would get you high and was glad to see this is only nicotine.

Choose a value from 0, 1, 1.5 and other brief intervals before reaching the top at 24 mg. This slow progression or regression, however you see it, gives vapers a chance to slowly wean off of nicotine if they think that’s a problem. If nothing else, getting rid of nicotine removes the potential problem of kids drinking poison if they get into your e juice.

E juices come in several mixtures including MAX VG but also gradations down to 60/40 in favor of PG. The company tells you what to expect with the changing base levels: that throat hit will increase or you’ll see more clouds. The only exception is E-Caffeine sold with up to 40% VG.

No Complex Flavors

You won’t see anything intricate like a cocktail from the bar in a boutique hotel. There is nothing out of the ordinary on this list. The great thing is you can mix as you like and make up a concoction of your own. Since each bottle is so cheap, you can afford to experiment and make some mistakes. Always be sure to shake your bottles too.

Contact Get Wrecked Juices

The company makes it easy to get in touch by offering several avenues of communication. They give their address for written correspondence. There is an email address and a Facebook page. No phone number is offered, but these are several excellent ways to stay in touch.

No Deals

There is no heading for sales at Get Wrecked Juices. That would have to be a consequence of their already-low pricing. Many companies can’t compete with these prices even in their clearance sections.


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