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The list of e juices at DBLiquids is impressively long; long enough that the company encourages customers to filter their search for flavors by selecting a sub-category: cereal, fruit, etc. That’s right, DBLiquids has their own website where you can make direct purchases.

DBLiquids is also available from participating vendors. Where many top-shelf companies choose to ignore tobacco e juice, DBLiquids embraces this opportunity to make much of tobacco mixtures as well as assorted creamy or fruity varieties, thus appealing to a wide sector of the vaping population.

They make three series: regular DBLiquids, a pair of Gems, and a Trio of Warriors. We’ll take a closer look at just some of the delectable dishes at DBLiquids.

DBLiquids.comAbout DBLiquids

Before you assume you know where DBLiquids is from, wipe California out of your mind. Don’t think “Florida” or “Arizona”: stop being so predictable.

DBLiquids comes from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They hope customers discover how excellent their quality is in spite of paying less than the usual over-the-top gourmet prices.

A single bottle costs from $9.99 for 15 ml although a few are higher-priced, but DBLiquids also sells gift packs, so give those a try. The company formed at the start of 2013: 3 years ago, which is like 25 vape years.

Since then they have established a reputation for unique, popular styles of e liquid. They also customize juices for clients who don’t want the standard blend.

You can ask for the 50/50 regular base, 70% vegetable glycerin (VG), or Max-VG as long as you are looking at the regular series. Gems feature at least 70% VG and Warrior flavors are Max-VG e juices. These high-VG offerings are ideal when you are using one of the mods sold at DBLiquids or any high-drain device such as the SMOK R200 or an iStick 100W.

Some Flavors from DBLiquids

We’ll start with “A” just to keep things simple. Abomination is a powerful enough mint to make you shiver; like a monster of the north (hence “Abomination” or, as in the DBLiquids imagination, Yeti.) Enhance the original five mints with menthol, sweetness, or more chill if you prefer. Try standard or Amped.

When vapers search for tea-type vapes, they could stumble across this floral offering: Black Blossom Tea. It’s a bit creamy, somewhat sweet, and aromatic with cherry blossom, mint, and rose candy all mixed into one unusual combination. Here are some more flavors from DBLiquids.

Gentleman’s Toke

Five Pawns isn’t the only company to play with alcohol in their e juices, always without actual alcohol, of course. Gentleman’s Toke features cognac, molasses caramel, and cinnamon. That’s a sophisticated toke.

Mazin Mocha

You couldn’t get simpler than this popular blend of coffee and chocolate. Vapers don’t have to pay $5 for an hour of decadence, as if anyone ever makes a mocha stretch that long anyway.

Planet Cracker

How do you bring the world to an end? Apparently, that’s the result of eating a certain O-shaped cereal tasting of artificial fruity goodness. More like a teeth cracker, not a tank cracker.

Premium Gems

The Gems line contains two flavors: Sapphire and Tigerseye. The first of these resembles a pineapple cheesecake, at least on the tongue, not in the bottle. Tigerseye tastes like blueberry pastry, calorie-free but equally rich.

Premium Warriors

Sir Cantwood appears to like tobacco but also fruit, so as a compromise he gets both. His e juice is flavored to remind you of cantaloupe and tobacco which should be a little juicy and only mildly sweet. As for Jackie Tarr, he has tea break in mind. Tarr prefers the Chai sort, this one blended with apple pie. I guess it’s tea and a tart rolled efficiently into one e juice.

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