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For a long time, the line up at Cosmic Fog was looking a little bit lonely. Vapers already knew this e juice firm will not release a flavor until it has been developed carefully for months and then personally tested for weeks with assorted vaping equipment to ensure the result is consistent.

A process like that takes time, so it’s no wonder they don’t knock out a new flavor every two months at Cosmic Fog. Vapers, you can celebrate a new pair of Cosmic Fog flavors, highlighted below along with some old and young favorites.

The New Fog

Two flavors have been added to the listing: Sonrise and Sonset. I am going to take a guess and say that someone at Cosmic Fog became the father to a new little boy judging by these names.

Sonrise got its name and its inspiration from a Hawaiian drink. This new e juice blends exotic fruits such as kiwi and pineapple into a fruity cocktail which vapers will find refreshing.

Sonset is a globe-trotter. Inspired by a Fijian sunset, the mixture fuses Japanese Nashi pears (like a water apple-pear) with French Crème Brulee, a new take on the familiar custard-line that vapers love for its mild sweetness and density.

Old Fog

It’s not really fair to refer to any of the Cosmic Fog flavors as old since this Californian company is just a few years old, but blends like Kryptonite, Nutz, Shocker, and Milk & Honey are aged by comparison.

Nutz is like a gourmet PBJ sandwich where mom uses almond butter instead of peanut butter and a better version of the usual strawberry jam. Kryptonite should transport your mouth to happy moments sucking on a green melon candy. Milk & Honey is relatively self-explanatory except the name leaves out one ingredient: marshmallows. The Shocker will have you puckering up with its rendition of sweet-tart strawberry lemonade.

Middle-aged Fog

Between two new flavors and those older favorites, Cosmic Fog also released a few other tastes to tempt consumers across the country. They are known as Lost Fog and come in three styles: Neon Fog, Streek, and Baie Crème.

Streek is a very special fruity offering which features the Californian Gaviota strawberry with thick, creamy Greek yogurt which is almost custard but a little bit tart. The precision in its particular notes should be recognizable to the gastronome with a well-travelled tongue who can really appreciate all the effort behind Streek’s origins. Baie Crème should put vapers in mind of whipped honey cream blended with delicious passion fruit and topped with tangy berries.

Are you looking for an alternative to the usual sticky, sweet orange creamsicle? Neon Fog has it with a rainbow-sherbet version. Taste the distinct notes of orange, raspberry, and lemon-lime plus a light creamy base.

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