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The people behind Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce have outdone themselves with a new, gourmet brand of e juices: Classified E-Liquids. They got their start in 2013, in Southern California, of course.

Consumer expectations regarding Ben Jonson’s Sauce were high, so this product has a lot to live up to. Will it succeed? Reviews suggest as much, so find out for yourself. One of the following six flavors is sure to please.

Indulge E Juice

This is a truly indulgent e juice; a selection along the most popular lines in the vaping world right now. Vape makers seek to create new trends but there is nothing like custard for sub ohm vaping.

Indulge is a vanilla custard, smooth and sweet, baked in the oven for that unique quality only baked pudding can create. The alternative would be a stove-top custard or the sort you make out of a packet: not “real”; like the illegitimate child of custard and pudding.

Crisp Vapor Juice

In California, they don’t have to imagine what summer feels like in November, although Californians think 15C is chilly. Consumers living in Montana or Washington, for instance, might want to remember summer on cold or wet, gray days and when they do it might taste like Crisp. Classified blends green apples with watermelon for a fresh, tart-sweet combo.

Delight E Liquid

Perhaps vapers prefer an e juice that warms them up when they vape it; something like Delight. This is another popular one from Classified: like an autumn dessert, but that’s not the warming part.

Vapers get that from the sensation they are eating fresh cobbler right out of the oven containing late-summer peach and mixed-berry mixture. It’s a “last-of-the-summer-harvest” flavor, very traditional. The result is rich, dark sweetness.

Keen E Juice

I expected a peachy e juice (as in Peachy Keen) but I was wrong. Keen is energizing and sweet but with bite. Kiwi and green apple temper the sweetness of blueberries. Keen e juice is authentically fruity and fresh. Like Delight, this flavor is also pleasingly simple.

Fusion Vapor Liquid

Do you detect a drop of tea behind the berries in this vape? You should: that’s the fusion. Your tongue should taste black tea, passion fruit, and blueberries.

Black tea is distinctive with its rich tannins but shouldn’t be bitter in your e juice. Classified creates balance as it takes its cue from the tea-vape trend that’s sweeping the vaping nation.

Plush E Liquid

What could be softer, more luxurious on your mouth than something made in the home with love by the person who wants most to please you? Classified likens “Plush” to your mom’s homemade meringue-topped pie but not lemon-meringue. Plush prefers vanilla and bananas.

Details about Classified E-Liquids

Although they were made for discerning vapers, not all vapers are cloud chasers. You can blow some amazing clouds with a 50/50 blend such as any of these but you can also sit back and enjoy Classified E-Liquid at a relatively low output.

Each bottle contains 30 ml of e juice and costs about $20. Tops contain built-in drippers so Classified had RDAs and advanced vapers in the back of their minds, but dripping tops are equally handy no matter what clearomizer or tank you are using.

Vapers will recognize bottles of Classified by their simple, peaceful labels. They are sure to stand out beside the garish, tattooed bottles and dramatic, darkly-themed art on other labels from around the country.

There are no vast, heaving bosoms with shadowy cleavage; no skulls or toxic neon green. Instead, Classified presents a scene of serenity against a backdrop of mile-high buildings: someone walking a dog in a city park.

Colors are muted and relaxing. Flavors, however, are bold and stirring. Customers seem to like Indulge best, which just shows custard is still a winner in this market.

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