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Did you know that Cereal City is not a place in Michigan but a brand of e-juice? I’ll give you one guess what flavor spectrum you’re looking at. This brand of e juice was started by the people who brought you HTV e liquids, but their cereal line is creamier.

It’s the kind of e juice you favor for use with a sub-ohm tank and a high-watt mod. Reminisce about the flavors of childhood without the calories, or sugar high, associated with those colored rings you used to eat for breakfast.

About Cereal City Vapes

Cereal City Vapes makes their e-liquids in small amounts, preparing them by hand until each one is mixed thoroughly. Blends are steeped prior to sale so they don’t arrive at your door in need of shelf-time before they can be flavorfully vaped at a later date. The result is e-juice quality vape stores are proud to carry.

Cereal City Vapes uses food-grade bases and flavorings of what they call “fine quality,” although they spare the details as to what that means or where the e-juice is blended. We know it’s in Michigan but not whether they utilize an FDA-approved lab or an ISO-compliant clean room.

I, for one, love to know these things plus facts about whether ingredients are USP-grade and sourced in the US. At least we know that’s where they are made and the fact these are all max-VG e juices containing 0, 3, or 6 mg of nicotine per/ml. Buy a 15-ml bottle today complete with a dripping top that’s child-resistant.

Breakfast Flavors from Cereal City Vapes

Each of the labels listed here will probably call to mind a sugary breakfast cereal, some of which you might have loved to eat with cold milk or straight from the packet. Varieties are Cinnapple Hoops, Crazy Squares, Milkenberry, Perfect Circle, Silly Rabbit, and Snap Cracklin’. I spent some time trying to pair each title with a type of cereal and I got most of them.

Cinnapple Hoops

Here’s one of the many O-shaped delights on the menu. Of course, you can’t miss the connection with cinnamon and apple so it can only be one thing. This e juice evokes the baked flavor of a certain sugary apple-cinnamon cereal plus creamy milk.

Snap Cracklin’

Although the cereal you’re thinking of isn’t very interesting on its own, it’s gorgeous when used to make a dessert containing marshmallows and butter. Now you know it’s true; Snap Cracklin’ is meant to emulate that noisy bowl of rice-puffed goodness except in its better form.

Silly Rabbit

Consumers are as likely to conjure images of the commercial for this one as they are the flavor of Silly Rabbit. Remember that lightly citrusy cereal featuring multiple fruits and boasting a bunny on the box? The style was a little bit tart too, not just sweet, and this e juice hits the right notes.

Perfect Circle

Do you enjoy a malted flavor with hints of fruit? Perfect Circle will bring all the joys of Saturday mornings back to you, sugary milk and all.


Pretend that you’re crunching on cereal and that’s all it takes to make this an authentic replica of a certain sea-worthy breakfast. No spoons or bowls are required which is handy in a wave-rocked boat.

Crazy Squares

My favorite cereal is wrapped in this blend of milk and Graham flavoring. Forget S’mores; this cereal provided the tastiest Graham cracker flavor, plus you don’t need a bonfire and toasting forks, all dangerous in the hands of cartoon-loving kids anyway.

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