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Four years ago, Ben Cox and Sam Benaim started a company they would call “Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce,” perhaps in honor of the two “Bens.” Ben Jonson, a literary giant of the 17th Century, was a contemporary of William Shakespeare whose name lends a touch of class to a brand out of Orange County, California.

The company’s image has gone through a few changes but they still maintain their classy image by making e juice to top standards for an audience that expects as much.

Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce of Old

The line once included Snickelfritz, Apogee, Sweet Peach Tea, Nebula, Cr3am, Jamanji, Morning Dew, and Schooner. Apogee is an apricot e juice which, as the name indicates, was the pinnacle of e juice as far as Ben and Sam were concerned at the time.

Its simplicity was belied by the complexity of fresh apricot; that rich, sweet-tart stone fruit given too little credit in the gastronomic world. Vapers can still find Jamanji, Sweet Peach Tea, and Apogee on shelves with participating retailers. At the Ben Jonson website, however, they now only highlight 4 flavors: Snickelfritz, Cr3am, Morning Dew, and Schooner.

The Four Favorites

Of these, Cr3am comes out on top as the customer favorite. Like the others this is a 50/50 blend containing flavors of a decadent morning snack dunked in milk. Enjoy the rich but flaky experience of a chocolate pastry plus a touch of vanilla that’s creamy, subtle, but also a little bit sweet like real pastry.

Snickelfritz is another big-seller, even if you don’t know how to pronounce it. This combination of kiwi and watermelon creates a refreshing and authentic blend. Wherever fruit is concerned, Ben Cox and Sam Benaim always aim for a realistic finish, not the candy style.

Another example is sweet-tart Morning Dew. I expected this to be a take off of a certain popular, sugary, fizzy drink, but there’s a subtle difference. While Morning Dew still features the citrus of that drink, it’s a bit tarter, plus there’s the undertone of blueberry.

Finally, there is Schooner. Ben Jonson’s final offering is a light dessert; angel food cake glazed in lemon and sugar. The result should call to your gastronomic memory a warm slice of airy baked goodness with the balance of tart lemons which prevents this after-dinner dish from becoming too sweet. Since all of these are e juices, calories are no concern of yours. Indulge as much as you want.

New Bottles

Previous bottles of Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce were brown with a retro boxing poster on the front. Today’s bottles are more vivid, featuring an electric shade of turquoise plus lightning bolts running through the name.

It’s eye-catching and clean; sweet, fruity, and appealing. One could almost imagine a blend of the fruits named above or a sugary blueberry glaze over that slice of warm angel food cake. Bottles block out the sun completely to prevent a reaction between UV and nicotine.

Strength and Bottle Size

Nicotine is added at a ratio of 0, 1.5, 3, 6, or 12 mg per/ml, so you can start mid-level (12 mg/ml isn’t very strong) and gradually reduce if you feel like cutting out nicotine completely and sticking to caffeine as your primary stimulant. A 30-ml bottle should cost in the region of $22. Remember, this is gourmet stuff.

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