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Don’t take the name literally. I know the e juice industry is challenged with providing natural ingredients for their discerning customers and concerned about FDA regulations, but I’m sure the FDA wouldn’t be any happier with an organization using real beetle juice than with the use of diacetyl or tobacco in your e juice.

Beetle Juice is just a fun name taken from the famous movie with Michael Keaton who, by the way, is not featured on the Beetle Juice label. Perhaps taking their cue from organizations such as the AEMSA, Beetle Juice Vapors opts to use the image of a real, horned beetle instead of some cartoonish figure sure to attract a young audience.

The Distinctive Bottle

Bottles of Beetle Juice Vapor are distinctive for three reasons. One is their beetle logo, each flavor represented by a different color but the same species of beetle which could be the three-horned rhinoceros beetle of Borneo, Latin name too long and odd for most people to pronounce.

There are six flavors and six colors of beetle although the original is all black and extremely beautiful; an attractive feature on the label.

Secondly, these bottles measure 17 ml: not 20 ml, 15 ml, or 30 ml as would be more common among boutique e juices. That’s memorable. Thirdly, the shape of each bottle of Beetle Juice Vapor is extremely unusual; more like a thick pen or marker than a bottle, in fact.

The Flavors

Beetle Juice is made with either 80% or 70% vegetable glycerin (VG), thereby targeting the sub ohm vaping market. Most gourmet e juice companies do. They aren’t too interested in the single coil beginners’ eGo pens and more alert to the trends followed by people who use a Sigelei Fuchai with a Uwell Crown or the Joyetech Cuboid kit.

The first is Bedrock, a cereal vape featuring milk and sugary fruit. Vapers old enough to remember the Flintstones probably recognize the cereal flavor well. This is one of two creamy offerings by Beetle Juice. Blueberry Hills is second on our list; a version of that favorite toaster treat filled with sugary blueberries (or something like blueberries) and coated in icing.

The finish is lightly buttery. Third on the list is God’s Nectar emulating a peachy gummy treat. Miley blends Horchata Chai with Pumpkin Spice Latte, perhaps an even more heavenly blend than the other creamy e juice by Beetle Juice Vapors. These are all 80% VG e juices.

The last two, Now & Later and Riddler, contain 70% VG. Riddler contains a green apple, pear, and berry mixture which is both sweet and tart. I can picture the Riddler a là Batman from the 1960s, all in green right down to his tights and tiny shorts. Now & Later, on the other hand, features cherry plus that gourmet favorite, pomegranate. Like Riddler, this one is sweet and tart.

Who Sells Beetle Juice Vapors?

You won’t find a website for Beetle Juice Vapors selling their products directly from the lab or clean room (assuming they operate from such a facility). The company works through distributors like major e juice retailers and subscription businesses.

Your first taste of one of their 6 flavors could occur after opening a box and finding flavors and brands you’ve never heard of, but this probably won’t be your last experience of Beetle Juice Vapor; not once you get a load of their quality.

The types of stores carrying their products don’t take quality lightly. They carry only American-made e liquids using ingredients of the best quality and producing gourmet results.



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