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A big frustration for me when I search for e juice is that I want more information about a brand but they don’t post it, at least now where I can easily see it. I have to research; hunt for the basics about a bottle of e liquid when, in my eyes, it is the duty of every e liquid manufacturer to proactively inform customers about ingredients and bottling.

When they don’t take this time I have to wonder about the state of their e juice business. Are these people cowboys, following their own standards, or a group of responsible individuals who simply forgot to mention that they use USP ingredients, etc.? Apollo E Cigs could be one of the better trend setters along with some other big-name American brands.

Trendy Transparency

The trend I am looking for is openness. I want a company to present information on a platter where I do not have to go looking.

I expect a manufacturing facility to be approved and certified, bottling methods to include the addition of childproof caps, and for manufacturing to be supervised by a chemist.

I want labeling with a lot number, best-before date, and accurate values. Ingredients should include a USP-grade base plus Food Grade flavorings.

Apollo E Juice Read my Mind

I don’t know how they did it, but the people at Apollo know what I’m thinking. They have provided all of the above information, operating out of a certified facility in California under a chemist’s supervision.

Their ingredients meet my expectations. Even their nicotine scores them points for being lab-grade. Chemists have bachelors or doctoral degrees in their field.

The company follows GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices for your sake and, ultimately, their own. Compliant and responsive teams like the ones at Halo, Vaporfi, and Apollo are going to survive FDA regulatory red tape to emerge successful. Compliance is only one part of this, though; the other is flavor.

Apollo E Juice is Tasty

Don’t take my word for the quality of their liquids; read what customers are saying and go in search of reviews away from the Apollo website. They have even won awards for their e liquids, but Apollo does not charge a fortune for quality either.

That’s one of the biggest ironies: some gourmet shops don’t go to all of the trouble responsible firms take to ensure your safety but they still charge boutique prices for e liquid.

Read the Apollo menu, starting with categories which help you decide between high-VG and regular; dessert, tobacco, fruit, or mint/menthol.

Some Basic Flavors

I hate to refer to e juice by Apollo as “basic” and have consumers thinking this is dull stuff. Referring to their tobacco selection alone, I see an assortment that appeals to virtually every former smoker: the cigar connoisseur; smokers who prefer dry or sweet cigarettes; a nutty variety; and lots of nicotine options.

Choices include Classic Tobacco modeled off of American Cowboy cigarettes, bold and nutty triple Nickel, and American Cigar with its smoky, spicy, lavish flavor. Bottles of these and the many other types of regular Apollo e juice cost about $6 for a 10-ml bottle with up to 24 mg of nicotine per/ml and a zero-nicotine option as well.


The high-vegetable glycerin e juice from Apollo has recently been updated and new packaging introduced. Funky Monkey mixes banana with strawberry and a slice of kiwi.

Guava Blast doesn’t need explanation, but Green Apple is a pairing of green apple and kiwi. Miss Samoa blends four C’s: chocolate, coconut, caramel, and cookie.


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