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At Ahlusion the aim is simple: create gourmet e juice you can afford. It is all hand-crafted stuff out of Swartz Creek, MI, so not your usual California offering. There’s usually no cleavage on the bottles which might have been your first clue.

Ahlusion is among the minority of BBB-accredited e juice businesses and has been since 2012 and there are no complaints on file. Although they became accredited just 4 years ago, Ahlusion has been making e juice since 2009, so they’ve got experience behind them that some firms lack.

Ahlusion bottlesE Liquid Details

Typical ingredients in a bottle of Ahlusion e juice include natural and artificial flavorings, some certified organic. The company chose FDA-approved flavorings while specifying these are not approved for inhalation yet.

In the meantime, Ahlusion keeps out bad stuff so you don’t have to think about it: ingredients like diacetyl. Their team uses clean, top-quality stuff which is 99.6% pure and medical-grade from a firm known as Alchem International. Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are both USP-grade and kosher.

I could go into more detail: Ahlusion certainly does. They tell customers all they ever wanted to know about the contents of their e juice and more besides.

If the FDA ever wanted to investigate the company, they could head right to the FAQ section and probably walk away satisfied. This is one of the most thorough explanations of a firm’s e juice I have ever seen. Bravo Ahlusion!

Ahlusion Flavor ImagesAhlusion Flavors

A long list like theirs can’t be presented as-is, in alphabetical order. You need a system in order to find suitable flavors. Ahlusion divides their products into sub-categories; flavor menus like cocktail, coffee, tobacco, etc.

Aromatic selections are tobacco e juices such as Sweet Georgia Peach and Smokin Cherry. The chocolate section is probably one of the most popular on any food menu. Results with e juice are hit or miss. Ahlusion covers their bases with a Nutella-type e liquid, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and chocolate coconut almond treats. Read reviews to discover the hits and misses.

Try a Chai Latte, Berry Shangri-La, or Boba Tea in the Tea section. There are numerous exotic mixtures worthy of a gourmet loose-leaf tea shop. If it’s coffee you’re after, there’s a Light French Roast, Kona Kick, and Peppermint Mocha for starters. Explore more for other hot treats.

The Fruit section is a combination of real fruit flavors and desserts. Some are authentic, juicy, ripe examples such as Blueberry but others such as Contrary Cherry add a hint of flavoring. Contrary Cherry contains vanilla. This is a big section full of selection: Strawberry Banana Cream, Tarte Tatin Apple, Wild Passion passion fruit and grapefruit, and Wipeout Watermelon among others.

A section of “Other” flavors contains your mint and spice offerings. The Cocktail menu is short with Mimosa, Strawberry Colada, plus a few friends. Sample Ahlusion Tiramisu from the dessert section where Blueberry Vanilla Cake and Lemon Cream are just a sample of the delights that await you.

The section for Aromatics was one tobacco category; here’s another known simply as “Tobacco.” Apple House Red is an Apple-Cavendish blend. Caramel Wild Wood pairs tobacco with a touch of sweetness. A woody menthol is known as Cool River Tree Blend.

Buy Bottles from Ahlusion

Lists go on, sometimes overlapping, so fruit winds up in two sections (dessert and fruit), creating an artificial sense of bulkiness in the menu at times. There truly are lots of flavors, all affordably priced. Each 10-ml bottle costs $9: not bad for a firm using high quality ingredients. It gets better with 30-ml bottles priced just $17 and $38 for 60 ml. This is obviously the best value if you know the flavor that’s bound to be vaped every day and are able to use it up rapidly or even share a flavor.

Flavors can be customized. Nicotine ranges from 0 to 24 mg with rather large increments of 6 mg at a time. Make minute changes to the base ratio, however, right down to 90/10 (PG/VG) or 10/90: there is no 100% VG blend. When you visit certain flavors to learn more and place an order, that’s where customer reviews and star ratings have been posted. Find out more about a flavor through the eyes of clients now that you have perused the chemical and technical sides of Ahlusion e liquids.

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